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JackandJill.com - FOR SALE


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A major business requires a major domain name. 

Highly brandable. 

Instantly recognizable. 

Consider the potential to build your online presence where your name will command the attention it deserves.

JackandJill.com is the perfect domain for a major brand or is appropriate for a startup in any space.  

Everyone is familiar with this phrase. It is unforgettable. 

I have personally owned this domain name for 19 years – consider that from a legal standpoint as you build your brand in a competitive and complex business and legal environment. 

This domain is registered with GoDaddy and can be easily pushed to your account. We can make this transfer the same day.   

For Sale: JackandJill.com 

Price: $250,000 (USD) 

Contact:  gregory.brent@gmail.com; or via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentgregory   

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• This domain name is 19 years old

• Registered in 1998 

• Very common phrase 

• Catchy and memorable 

• Easy to pronounce 

• Easy to spell 

• Brandable 

• Ave Search Results (keyword): 9,690,000 

• Ave Search Results (sld): 141,000 

• Exact match searches per month: 206,250 

• Broad match searches per month: 1,028,750 

• $1.43 CPC 

• Since the expression "Jack and Jill" is such a commonly used phrase, Wikipedia has given it its own page:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_and_Jill 

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The transaction can be completed via Escrow.com with buyer responsible for fees, by wire transfer or by other mutually agreeable payment method. 

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Disclaimer: Web search and additional information provided is believed to be accurate but seller makes no warranty regarding such information. 

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